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Sheepshead, THE Game

5 usd

Pit your sheepshead skills against One Eye Jack, Crack Meister, Ace No Face and Queen Betsy. Sheepshead, THE Game is a fun, challenging and easy to use Sheepshead card game in which you play against four computerized players. The game supports Called Ace or Jack of Diamonds as partner. Blitzing and cracking adds to the excitement. You can have the game speak the results of the hand.Tap a card to play or discard the card. The game plays only in portrait mode for phones and only in landscape mode for tablets.
There are 2 ways to try out the game before you buy. First, there is a a Free Trial of the game on the Google Play App Store. This app will give you a 3 day free trial of the game. Secondly, if you own a Windows pc, you can download the game on to your pc and play the game for 7 days free. Both versions of the game use the same card playing logic engine as the Android paid version of the game. This will give you a good feeling as to how well the game plays the cards. However, not all features in the Windows PC version are in the Android versions. See the developers website link for more information.
Features of Sheepshead, THE Game
4 methods to determine partner Called Ace Jack of Diamonds - Can't call up Jack of Diamonds - Call up before picking Jack of Diamonds - Call after picking
3 modes of play Professional Amateur Beginner
The Beginner mode of play has the following features A Suggest button to help determine your play How many trump are left How many points the picking team has How many points the opposing team has How many points were won on each trick Interences as to whether the player is the partner or an opponent
2 methods to control the flow of the game By clicking the play button after each trick By setting a specific time between each trick
The option to allow the picker to go alone after picking (this is the default for Called Ace)
Statistics by player for the current game and historically for all games played
The option to play doublers if no player picks the blind or play leasters
The option to play Clubs as trump. Clubs replace the Diamonds (Seven of Diamonds through Ace of Diamonds) as trump
The option to blitz Black Queens and or blitz Red Queens and or blitz Black Jacks and or blitz Red Jacks
The option to allow the opposing team to crack and the picking team to crack back
The ability to view the cards of the last hand
The option to allow the game to play your card automatically for you on the sixth trick
The option to allow the game to play your card automatically for you when you have only one card of the suit led
The ability to control how fast the cards are played
The ability to change the player names
The ability to change the hands per game
The option to allow the computer to speak the contents of the message board
The option to determine when the game will identify the player that played the called partner card.
The option to replay the previous hand